As people with hidden illnesses are under-represented by the current disabled toilet signage, with only 8% of those eligible to use them actually being represented, “be the change” in this case means to advocate for the accessible toilets to be accessible for everyone that need them, whether their disability be visible or hidden.
Our client, Pelican and Respond Healthcare, came to us with the idea of pushing Cardiff to becoming the hub for recognising the under-representation of hidden illnesses. Their initial brief was centered around people with stoma bags and how they have struggled day-to-day with the public’s “policing” of the accessible spaces. However, we quickly realised that the problem applied to a much wider group of people than this.
This was a group project where we redesigned the accessible toilet signage with the intetion of being more inclusive, and a campaign to go alongside this change with the aim of educating the public.
It’s less about changing the sign and more about changing perspective.

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